D. Robert Frisina Quadrangle

Meeting Contemporary Needs and Honoring Design-History

As the existing Quadrangle at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) was deteriorated and in need of repair, and because the new CSD Student Development Center Building would require removal of a substantial portion of the existing quadrangle’s principal plaza, Bayer Landscape Architecture (BLA) was hired to redesign this important campus space at the Rochester Institute of Technology. 

The existing quadrangle and sunken plaza were designed by celebrated landscape Architect Dan Kiley in the 1960s, and the great challenge for the University, NTID stakeholders, and BLA was to combine the contemporary needs of NTID, respond to the form of the new CSD Student Development Center building, and at the same time, preserve and acknowledge the work of a prominent landscape architect from the past.

Bayer Landscape Architecture sought to create a warmer space, which would be more inviting to pedestrians and conducive to social interaction. Key components of the new quadrangle include a large circular plaza and intersecting circular walkway (which recalls the form and limits of Kiley’s original sunken plaza), extensive gardens, and numerous seating areas. Dan Kiley’s work was also acknowledged by incorporating a significant percentage of the original concrete seat walls and preserving the original London Planetree planting in the new design. The project successfully marries the needs of the NTID for the 21st century without losing sight of its past.  


Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester , New York


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