GE Campus Master Plan

A 21st Century Master Plan

Realizing the need to reimagine the campus to stay current with trends in the global marketplace and in an effort to retain knowledge-based workers, GE commissioned Bayer Landscape Architecture, as part of the Smith + Associates Architects team, to prepare a campus master plan for the Power and Water Global headquarters. The project included analysis of the existing 275-acre campus to identify features, circulation, and current building and land uses. Through collaboration with various department managers the team identified needs and opportunities which informed campus program development. The master plan includes priority improvement projects which support the new campus program goals.

The final campus master received overwhelming support from corporate leadership and the initial twenty-year implementation plan has been adopted and recently accelerated with the intent of complete implementation within ten years. Bayer Landscape Architecture developed a series of campus-wide goals and objectives to support successful implementation of the master plan. A series of overarching design guidelines were also established to lay the foundation for a more cohesive and integrated campus environment.

Due to the success and innovation behind completed the campus master plan, Bayer Landscape Architecture has been commissioned as project lead to develop overall campus design guidelines and prepare campus-wide design specifications for a series of development projects. 


Schenectady, New York

Corporate Campus Master Planning, Design Guidelines