Webster Sandbar Park

Bayer Landscape Architecture was hired by the Town of Webster to redesign the Sandbar Waterfront Park. Located along a stretch of land that bridges Lake Ontario as well as it’s bay, the site is rich in geological and cultural history. The site was initially recognized by the Seneca Nation as the perfect port and gateway to their many trails inland.  European explorers and settlers valued the land for the same reasons and engaged in long struggle for control over the land. As time unfolded the waterfront boasted several charming resorts and passenger boats and was a favorite summer destination for generations of Rochesterians. Although, in more recent years, its potential has hardly been realized. The park currently hosts picnic tables, sunset views, and sits across the way from a neighborhood favorite restaurant. Without question, this project will transform this special landscape between the bay and the lake, and once again make it a destination and true source of pride for the Webster community. Bayer Landscape Architecture has been working hard to develop a plan to guide this transformation through a careful balancing of the community’s recreation needs with appropriate waterfront improvements and development, all without ever losing sight of protecting this spectacular natural environment. The final plan will dig into the rich history of the site, be fresh and exciting, yet relevant - not trendy and fleeting. The goal being to build a park that meets the needs of the community for generations to come, to be timeless and enduring in both materials and character.

The plan will include amenities such as recreation and educational zones, waterfront trails and boardwalks, overlooks and viewing areas, a picnic shelter and restrooms, natural play elements, and much more.



Webster, New York

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