Mobius Quadrangle

A Signature Campus Destination with Multi-Seasonal Interest

In an effort to make this principal quadrangle at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) campus warmer, more welcoming, and more accommodating to pedestrian needs, Bayer Landscape Architecture was hired by RIT to develop plans for improvement of the space.  

Serving as the western terminus of the main pedestrian corridor on campus, the quadrangle featured a prominent central sculpture and a diagonal network of asphalt pathways reinforced by an original planting of London Plane Trees. The designers sought to develop plans to improve the visual quality of the space and create a more pedestrian friendly atmosphere, while preserving the significant London Plane Trees, general circulation layout, and character of the quadrangle. 

The improvement plans called for the creation of new sitting areas, the replacement of the asphalt pavement with a decorative pattern of ornamental unit pavers which radiate from the sculpture, extensive plantings, and an elegant new lighting system. The improvements resulted in a dramatic transformation of the quadrangle - highlighted by the diversity of color and planting specifically for the school season. The new Infinity Quadrangle is a signature outdoor space at RIT, and is a favorite destination point for students, faculty, and staff. 



Rochester Institute of Technology
Henrietta, New York

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