Frank Lloyd Wright's Edward E. Boynton House


Bayer Landscape Architecture is currently working on the restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Edward E. Boynton House, located in the East Avenue Preservation District in Rochester, New York. The Cosentino-Parker Trust purchased the home in 2009 with the mission of fully restoring and preserving the treasured structure. The owners have a long and successful history of significant historic restorations and the Boynton House has become their latest and greatest passion.  

The house was completed in 1908 and originally included more than 2 acres of gardens. Subsequent owners subdivided the property in the 1920s, severely compromising Wright’s vision for the house as it related to the landscape.  The restoration includes new gardens and site work that re-envision Wiright's Boynton House landscape on the smaller site. 

The Trust and the project team are approaching the project with great care, adhering to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, and are staying true to Wright’s vision for the property, despite its present day constraints.  The design team and contractors on the site have been meticulous in cataloging, identifying and photographing materials and components of the house as they are reviewed and reconstructed. 

The project has been ongoing for nearly two years, with the detailed interior restoration well underway and site work to begin in Spring of 2011.  The design team, which includes Bero Architecture, has a longstanding passion for restoration projects, architectural design, and for Wright’s work in particular. Ultimately, the Trust will bestow the property to the Landmark Society of Western New York so that it will continue to receive proper care and be accessible to the Rochester community in perpetuity.

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