2010 NYU ASLA Honor Award - Private Garden Design

Bayer Landscape Architecture has received the 2010 Honor Award of Excellence for Private Garden Design from the New York Upstate chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

Built in 1911, this historic Brighton, New York, estate originally included nearly 16 acres of property that were master planned and designed by noted Rochester landscape architect Alling DeForest.  The property exists today at approximately three acres.  Much of the estate was sold to an adjacent church, which built a campus to the east of the residence.  Due largely to the subdivision of the property and subsequent construction of the church, the estate landscape was significantly reduced and was never appropriately replanned to accommodate the presence of new neighboring structures or its significantly smaller lot size. 

Bayer Landscape Architecture approached the project as a restoration endeavor, despite the reduction of the estate size to 3 acres. They made every effort to understand the character of the estate as it was originally conceived, and tried to recreate it through careful planning, design, and selection of materials.  Traditional materials and design styles were employed for all new construction.  All garden features were designed to be stylistically compatible with the existing residence, and consistent with the garden’s historic character.

The NYU ASLA awards program recognizes a full spectrum of innovative projects and efforts executed by individuals, firms, agencies, and academic institutions. The Honor Award of Excellence, Merit Award of Achievement, and Community Achievement Award are granted in the professional categories of Built Design; Unbuilt Design; Residential Garden Design; Planning & Analysis; and Research, Historic Preservation, and Communication.