RIT Campus Master Plan

Master Plan for the Rochester Institute of Technology

Recognizing the need for a “global” plan to guide decision making with respect to campus growth, the Rochester Institute of Technology commissioned Bayer Landscape Architecture, in association with Trowbridge & Wolf, to prepare a master plan for their Henrietta, New York campus.  This work involved an extensive analysis of existing campus features and systems, including campus organization, building uses, land features, surface drainage, slope, circulation, view sheds, and parking.  A master planning phase followed the analysis, in which recommendations for future growth and development were made.  As part of this project, a series of sketches and a catalog of site materials and accessories were prepared to illustrate a new site aesthetic and show how the campus could be transformed.  

The master plan provides RIT with specific recommendations to guide future circulation and parking improvements, site aesthetics, future development, pedestrian enhancements, open space management, and expansion of recreation facilities.  The master plan also identifies distinct campus improvement projects which the Institute can implement over time.  A significant number of these projects have already been successfully implemented.



Henrietta, New York

Master Planning